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‘Nova Nation Conversations

You. Yes, YOU, can be featured on VUhoops!

Do you check VUhoops before you check your work email every morning? Do you think about Villanova basketball players in the shower—wait, let me rephrase, do you think about the DRAFT STOCKS of Villanova basketball players during your morning shower? Do you stay awake at night wondering if the team will ever be Creighton-ed again? Do you spend hours debating the legacy of Scottie Reynolds with strangers on the internet? Do you have strong opinions on the capacity of things, any things, and want to share?

Do you have some great Villanova stories? Do you have some incredible memories as a Villanova fan?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you might be a great candidate for our new (proposed) weekly series, “A Nova Nation Conversation.”

As the offseason drags on, we’ve been brainstorming some features to keep busy. We thought this would be a cool opportunity to highlight some of the great readers of this blog, many of whom have incredible memories, stories, and backgrounds to share.

If you think you would be interested in being featured, think something similar to the Q&A’s we do with opposing teams, shoot me an email at with a little blurb about yourself. We would love to feature any and all of you that would like to be involved. Depending on your preference, you can share your name or just your username. We are flexible!

It’s a long way until next season so let’s have some fun!