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State of the Nova Nation: The NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Edition

Kings of college basketball.

State of the Nova Nation Podcast VU Hoops

This episode was recorded just hours (4:45 a.m. CT/5:45 a.m. ET) after the Villanova Wildcats’ championship victory, after the riverwalk parade, before starting off a long, winding road home. Never got a chance to publish the episode due to flights and no WiFi, but here we are.

Thank you to everyone who supported and listened to the show this season -- reached just over 90,000 different listeners across 62 countries and in the United States, serving 75 different major metro/city areas. We truly appreciate it. Enjoy the championship!

(This episode will be up on Spotify later today.)

Episode Description: The season finale of State of the Nova Nation ends on a high note. Recorded just hours after Villanova won its second national championship in three years, and hours before having to catch a flight, the Wildcats got their happily ever after. There were two heroes from this past weekend, and neither of them got to play during the 2016 title run, but Donte DiVincenzo and Eric Paschall stepped into the forefront and came up big for the ‘Cats. ‘Nova enjoyed a record-breaking performance against the Kansas Jayhawks and then a dominating display by DiVincenzo in the title game against the Michigan Wolverines. It’s time the Wildcats got some nation-wide respect.