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Villanova’s Josh Hart is making a big impression in LA

Magic Johnson says he’d like to have an entire team of Josh Harts!

Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Tuesday Nova Nation! I’m back in the saddle after an amazing wedding of a good friend of mine who’s also one of the biggest Villanova Basketball fans I know. Any man walking down the aisle in these socks is quite the catch.

Another man that may be wearing these bad boys is President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson. In today’s featured article, he not only says what a fan he is of former Villanova guard Josh Hart, but that he wishes he had more of him. Well if he’s looking for players that have a Championship pedigree, great work ethic, and define themselves with the word “attitude”, there’s a few more Wildcats in this year’s draft Magic may be interested in.

In other “news”, Omari Spellman is getting a lot of looks from NBA teams and Villanova is out-recruiting the rest of the Big East. Enjoy!

Los Angeles Lakers: Magic Johnson wishes he had 20 Josh Harts |
During his exit interview, Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson, spoke highly of Josh Hart, wishing he had 20 of him.

NBA Draft 2018 scouting report: Villanova’s Omari Spellman | Peachtree Hoops
He has versatile skills on offense but some questions on defense.

Big East Basketball: Analyzing conference recruiting trends | Busting Brackets
The new Big East has been an unmitigated success on the court since 2013, but its not as competitive with flashy recruits.