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Jay Wright has a new challenge but the same philosophy

Villanova isn’t going anywhere.


Happy Friday Nova Nation! I hope you brought an umbrella with you today, because apparently the sky is falling. Media coverage of the team’s outlook for next season have ranged from mixed to downright dismal. But personally, there’s one simple reason to ignore any negative press: Jay Wright is the best college basketball coach in America.

I know it’s been a while since it last happened, but Wright didn’t always walk into each season with an elite team poised for a Championship run. In fact, for most of his career he’s had to develop and mold his teams throughout the season in order to prepare them for a deep post-season run. What’s changed in his recent run of success is that he’s really locked into finding the players that will respond best to his coaching philosophies.

That recruiting element has been a real key for Villanova, and the guys over at have highlighted exactly how much of an advantage recruiting has given the Wildcats. While having the best talent on the floor will certainly win you games, Wright has shown that developing the best players on the floor will win you championships. While next year’s team may not set all-time records and dominate the college basketball world, it doesn’t mean they won’t still be on top of it.

In other “news”, the media weighs in on the departures of DiVincenzo and Spellman, Villanova has 4 top 40 NBA prospects in the draft, and Dwayne Anderson’s return is officially official according to officials. Enjoy!

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