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Ryan Arcidiacono has a new contract with the Bulls

He also has a doppelganger with the Wildcats.


Happy Friday Nova Nation! Well, yesterday it finally happened. Brace yourself people, but we finally have visual evidence that Ryan Arcidiacono and Collin Gillespie are not the same person:

It was a good day for Arcidiacono, who received a qualifying offer from Chicago that will likely lead to another 2-way contract for Arch to play for their G-League affiliate as well as get some time with the Bulls. But enough of actual news, back to the Gillespie comparison.

Let’s be honest, outside of their look there isn’t all that much the same between the two players. Sure, they’re both National Champions, but after that the comparisons stop. Or do they?

Here’s a stat line for you: PTS: 6.4, AST: 1.3, REB: 1.7, STL: 0.9, BLK: 0.1

Is that Arcidiacono’s NBA line for 2017-18, or Gillespie’s line for his first season with the Wildcats? You really can’t tell them apart, can you? Put your guesses in the comments below.

In other “news”, Jenkins is officially headed to Vegas with the Spurs, the Wildcats are shut out of the top rising sophomores, and that stat line isn’t Arch’s or Gillespie’s because they’re different players, get over it!!!! (Bonus: First person who can figure out what that stat line actually is, I’ll put together a feature article on a topic of your choosing later this summer.) Enjoy!

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