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‘Nova Nation Conversation: Willy Annan

We continue our summer series

Welcome to ‘Nova Nation Conversations, a summer series that will feature a different VUhoops reader/Villanova fan each week. Interested in being featured? Let us know!

This week we share some Villanova stories from longtime fan (and VUhoops reader), Willy Annan!

A ‘Nova Nation Conversation

with Willy Annan

I graduated Villanova class of 2015. I was a marketing and international business major. I also lived in Fedigan as a freshman, so I was really cool.

I was born in Newark Delaware and grew up a Philadelphia sports fan. If Donte is the Michael Jordan of Delaware, I’m the Chicago Bulls season ticket holder of Delaware. I am 26 and now live in Washington, DC. where I work as a consultant. Most of my money is spent on food and going to college basketball games.

When it comes to my CBB interests I bounced from Big 5 team to Big 5 team. In 2001 when they went to the Elite Eight I was a temple fan, when Saint Joes made that run in 2004 I was the biggest Jameer Nelson and Delonte West fan in the world.

When I was about 12/13 in 2005, I switched to be a Villanova fan and here I am, writing an email so that I can talk about Villanova. Being from Delaware, I was a Donte fan before it was cool and he is easily my favorite Nova player of all time. I have a college basketball bucket list that I am excited to check off a lot of things on and plan to attend 3-5 Villanova games per year as long as I am alive.

As for my favorite Villanova basketball memory, I’m gonna refrain from saying Kris Jenkins shot and will go to one of my other ones. It is really random but Darrun Hilliard senior night vs Providence. It was my senior year and Darrun just blacked out and was pulling up from everyone on the court. I think he finished with 28 points. It was just so cool to see him dominate on his senior night and seeing him grow with the team I was just so proud. It also was the game that convinced me that we could win the title- little did i know Cat Barber and Malik Abu had different plans for us.

My favorite non-basketball memory from my time at Villanova was the ice storm that knocked out power in the winter of 2014, I stayed on campus instead of going home and had quite the time. That whole winter 2014 semester was wild.

My favorite Villanova player is Donte DiVincenzo. I was also a huge Darrun Hilliard and Dylan Ennis fan. In fact, my favorite Villanova professor was Ed Hastings,a former Villanova basketball player. He taught sports and spirituality. It was without a doubt my favorite class at ‘Nova

Quick Hits:

Do you follow any other sports at Villanova?

I follow football, women’s basketball and I keep a light eye on the baseball,track and soccer teams.

What groups/clubs were you involved in at Villanova?

Orientation, Blue Key, VSB Ambassadors, and I worked in the Intramural department.

What other sports teams do you follow?

Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, Penn State. I became a psuedo Warriors fan in about 2011.

If you could play one position, for one team, in one sport, what would you be?

Cornerback for the Eagles

Favorite food?

BBQ Brisket Sandwich, with cole slaw

Gameday drink of choice?

Nothing - can’t cloud the judgement

Any Villanova game superstitions?

Honestly, way too many to even begin to list out but i’ll stop watching games for my own mental health right before March. Sometimes I just need a break and i’ll just take a game off. I will usually watch it the following day but i can’t do it live.