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The “Copycats” are looking to replicate Villanova’s recruiting success

After two national championships, other teams are looking to follow in the Wildcats’ footsteps

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Happy Monday Nova Nation! I’m back from a week at the beach, and our Wildcats were well represented at the shore. There’s always a good number of Nova fans wearing their gear and representing the school, but that number seems to have tripled since the school’s 3rd National Championship. But now vacation is over and it’s back to the grind. #Attitude.

Of course Jay Wright and his coaching staff seem to have been on their grind all summer as the July live recruiting period wraps up. There’s a couple of good recruiting nuggets in the links today, but one that stuck out to me was actually for one of the OTHER Wildcats.

Arizona and Sean Miller have been saying all offseason that they want to change the recruiting approach of the program and go after the non-5-star guys that can be coached up rather than fighting Duke and Kentucky for the elite players. Miller has often sighted Jay Wright and Villanova’s success as the premier model for this approach. Now whether this is truly the way Arizona wants to go or it’s the correction they have to make in the wake of the ongoing FBI investigations is up to you. But the fact is that there are a lot of programs out there saying they want to follow in Villanova’s footsteps.

College Basketball, like many pro sports, can be very much a copy cat league. When a coach figures out a working formula, others are quick to latch on and try to replicate their success. Very few can be successful with this approach, but some of the best coaches out their today are at the top of their game because they can change and adapt to the sports’ landscape. Coach K may be the best example of someone who has changed their approach multiple times and has the results to back it up. But now coaches want to recruit like Jay Wright and find those lower tier guys that can become stars.

Let’s be clear, these aren’t lesser players by any means. These are the guys that have more potential than what might show at the surface level or whose names have been passed over for one reason or another. At Villanova, we’re talking guys like Josh Hart, Darrun Hilliard, Dante Cunningham, and Kyle Lowry. All of them were 4-star or lower recruits that went on to be NBA Draft picks. So as the coach and team that are at the forefront of the latest “Copycat” movement in the sport, what does that mean for Jay Wright and Villanova?

As the front-runner here, Villanova has a card that no one else can play. They’ve already proven that they know how to turn their system and their players into National Champions. And they did it twice in the last three years. That’s an awfully powerful statement for recruits, and Villanova has already seen it pay off with high caliber prospects like Eric Dixon and Justin Moore committing early.

However, with more recognizable programs like Arizona prioritizing the same pool of players that Villanova is going after it can make things more difficult. While it’d be tough for any school to recruit against Villanova’s success right now, regional factors can still be a big factor in recruiting. Jay Wright has always had pipelines in the local areas like New York, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, and of course Philly. But players coming from outside those recruiting grounds have been harder to come by. That said, the exceptions like Jalen Brunson and Omari Spellman have propelled Villanova to its recent level of success.

Bottom line, Villanova is in a good spot right now. They’re the king of the Hill, and it’s good to be the king. Success sells itself, and until something changes, Villanova is the one wearing the crown.

In other “news”, lots of recruiting updates, Villanova has a solid non-conference schedule, Trey Johnson is impressing the Steelers with his speed, and Penn got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Enjoy!

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