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Three pressing questions for Villanova fans

I’m almost on vacation... I’ve already checked out.

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Happy Tuesday Nova Nation! It’s a busy workweek for me with the holiday approaching, so I’m leaving you all in charge today. Here are a few topics, discuss:

  • Despite being featured in an article, why has GQ Jay never been named to GQ’s Top 50 Best Dressed?
  • If you could create a jersey using any color outside of Villanova’s normal color scheme, how would you not screw it up as bad as that time Nike pretended the team was Georgetown?
  • If you could recruit any fictional basketball player to the Wildcats for next season, who would it be?

In other news, Father Rob will be out and about, Jay Wright reflects on Jim O’Connell, and did you see that fight!?!? Enjoy!

Theology On Tap: Rev. Rob Hagan | Catholic Philly
Come hang with Father Rob!

Longtime AP college basketball writer Jim O'Connell dead at age 64 |
Few held court like Jim O'Connell. Whether you were Coach K, a TV analyst, a fellow sports writer or a fan, he had the same effect on everyone: In just a few minutes, he had you hooked, drawn into his colorful basketball world. Jay Wright had only the greatest thing to say about his departed friend.

VIDEO: Australia, Philippines brawl features a number of former college stars
Well that was fun.