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Villanova’s championship opponent drops the ball in Europe

This isn’t going to be last year’s Michigan team


Happy Friday Nova Nation! Not a ton of Nova news today, but an interesting development with what should be one of the top ranked teams on Nova’s schedule. Michigan is currently in Spain for their European trip, usually a good time to get extra practice for young teams against teams that aren’t as challenging.

Well that’s not exactly how things turned out yesterday as the Wolverines lost by 8 to Serbian team Mega Bemax. This is the same team that Kentucky just burried by 36 earlier this month in the Bahamas. We’re still more than two months away from actual basketball, so this isn’t something for the Michigan faithful to get worried about yet. But it sure is a red flag.

In other “news”, Kansas wants revenge, we need to know what’s in the NET, coaches give their thoughts on cheating, and more. Enjoy!

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