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Does Villanova Have The Best Wildcat Mascot in College Sports?

There’s only one way to find out: Battle Royal!

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Happy Tuesday Nova Nation! It’s Villanova’s Day of Giving; 1842 Day. Make any size donation today to help the University attain its goal of 5,000 donors today.

It’s a bit of a slow news day around the office, but often times that can lead to some of the best discussion topics. For example, our lead story from Sports Illustrated positing the question of who would win between Villanova and Kentucky’s mascots.

First and foremost, Will D. can hold his own with any mascot in the NCAA. But it got me thinking, what’s his competition when it comes to Wildcats? I’ve put together a list of the most worthy contenders for the crown, AKA anything that was easily searchable in our stock photo library. Let’s break down the field!

Villanova: Will D. Cat - Will’s team has won two National Championships in the past three seasons, what’s yours done? Not only is this the coolest and most realistic version of a Wildcat Mascot, the dude’s got moves. Clearly heads and shoulders above the competition.

Kentucky: The Wildcat - This is a housecat with mangy fur. There is certainly nothing “wild” about this guy other than the birds it might leave on the front doorstep. In fact, it’s not even Kentucky’s only Cat mascot. They had to come up with a sidekick called “Scratch” which the school’s own website describes as “more kid friendly”. I wouldn’t let my kid near that flea bag either.

Arizona: Wilbur and Wilma (not pictured) Wildcat - This is the tamest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love this adorable cat couple that can’t even come out in the Arizona heat without donning a giant sunhat. Just sit back and enjoy some of that Arizona Iced Tea in the shade, it’s what you do best.

Kansas State: Willie the Wildcat - Come on Kansas State, can you at least try! As a prank some community college must have stolen the rest of the mascot costume and the school just said, oh well. Now we get this cat/seal hybrid of a head on a human body. I’ll pass.

NorthWestern: Willie the Wildcat - Way to be original there nerds, couldn’t even come up with a new name. This cat (again house cat and not a WildCat) looks like it just wants to sit back and enjoy a good book. It’s getting on in years and you know what, it’s just happy to be here. Very similar to when their basketball team makes the tournament. NEXT!

Davidson: Mr. Cat - This lion/bear/vampire mix looks like it’s ready to host a Saturday morning cartoon show, not crash the boards. Is it really this hard to make a mascot that looks like a cat!?!? They called it “MR. CAT” for crying out loud! Is there any real competition out there?

Weber State: Waldo - Finally, a contender. This nightmare fuel comes fully equipped with a terrifying face, a perplexing name, and flexibility we haven’t seen since the Matrix. If this guy and Will D. Cat threw down, it could be a close one. I can’t say for sure who would win, only that UNC would lose.

In other “news”, Duke is after Jeremy Roach and football falls in the polls. Enjoy!

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