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You’ve been pronouncing Kyle Lowry’s name wrong for over a decade

The Villanova star has finally decided to correct us all


Happy Friday Nova Nation! Have you ever gotten introduced to someone for the first time and they pronounce your name just slightly off? With the first name of Brendan, this happens to me a lot. I get Brenden, Brandon, once even Brando. It’s annoying as hell, but often times I just let it slide and figure people will eventually figure it out.

Well sometimes people don’t figure it out. And in the case of former Villanova Basketball star Kyle Lowry, the someone is just about everyone. That’s right, for over a decade you’ve been mispronouncing the name of one of your favorite players. The good news is he’s finally come forward to correct us and we weren’t that far off.

The Wrong Way: Kyle (As in Ky-ll, two syllables)

The Right Way: Kyle (As in Kyal, one syllable)

It may not be that big a difference, but trust me it must have been eating at him. When it’s your name, you pick up on the people saying it wrong like it’s someones car alarm going off outside your house at 3am. I didn’t think it was possible, but I like this guy even more now for letting it slide all these years.

Thankfully, we now all know the correct pronunciation. Thanks Kyle for setting us straight, and good luck in the upcoming season!

In other “news”, has a bunch of lists, Phil Booth talks about the upcoming season, and the latest on 5-star PF recruit Robinson-Earl. Enjoy!

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