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Villanova Basketball is atop a loss heavy Big East

It goes Villanova, then Marquette, and then eight inseparable teams.

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Happy Thursday Nova Nation! If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while you know I like to do my research and look stuff up. Well even without putting in the leg work, I’m fairly confident the Big East has never been a third of the way through conference play with 80% of its teams all having the same number of losses.

Right now Villanova is atop the conference with a perfect 6-0 record. Marquette is a half game behind them with a single loss. But then the rest of the league is sitting at either 3-4 (5 teams) or 2-4 (3 teams) and it doesn’t look like they’ll be separating anytime soon.

The Big East was supposed to be “up for grabs” this year, but even then there were going to be a few outliers. Villanova was still going to be on top, maybe Marquette would challenge them, and DePaul would still be in the basement. But now, it seems like there is no basement and everyone is just chilling in the living room. While it’s great that every game feels competitive, there are some real drawbacks to the current situation.

First off, 80% of the Big East has a losing record in conference play right now. Not only is that barely possible, it’s super unlikely. No other major conference has more than 50% of its teams with sub-.500 records, so it’s just not a good look.

Second, it’s devaluing wins for the teams that have a chance at getting into the NCAA Tournament. Usually the Big East provides a gauntlet of ranked teams to navigate throughout January and February. But with everyone beating each other these wins don’t help build a post-season resume. Sure, some of the teams still have fine NET rankings. But that means only away games will be possible Quad 1 victories, and none will be considered “elite” victories.

Eventually the pack will start to break up, and a few teams will prove themselves to be worthy of the 9-11 seed range in the NCAA Tournament. But until that happens, Villanova and Marquette are going to be wishing for better partners to help them get ready for the big dance.

In other “news”, don’t sleep on the Wildcats, Villanova’s “historical” rivalries, and everything you needed to know about the class of 2019. Enjoy!

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