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Villanova Basketball drops to #17 in Week 3 AP Poll

After going 1-1 on the week, the Wildcats fall seven spots in the latest ranking.

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Ohio v Villanova Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

After the Villanova Wildcats finished the week 1-1 against teams from Ohio, the team has dropped seven spots to #17 in the latest AP Poll. The fall wasn’t unexpected given the blow-out nature of Villanova’s loss to Ohio State, but it was possibly lessened by a quick and decisive turnaround victory over Ohio University.

But it wasn’t the Wildcats of the mainline that had the largest fall in this week’s poll. The Kentucky Wildcats fell eight spots after losing at home to unranked Evansville. And also credit to Villanova, the poll’s largest riser was Ohio State who jumped six spots into the Top 10.

While Seton Hall dropped a spot to #13 after losing at home to Michigan State, the Pirates are now the top ranked team in the Big East. Xavier, who is still undefeated on the season, ranks one spot behind the ‘Cats at #18. Marquette (32nd) and Providence (40th) continue to receive votes, and are now joined by Butler (36th). Georgetown and Creighton are no longer receiving votes.

This week Villanova will head to the Myrtle Beach Invitational, where it could cross paths with #24 Baylor. Villanova’s possible 2nd round opponent, Mississippi State (37th), is also receiving votes.

2019-2020 AP Poll: Week 3

Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
1 Duke (52) 1,608
2 Louisville (8) 1,501
3 Michigan State (4) 1,496
4 Kansas 1,389
5 North Carolina 1,262
6 Maryland 1,240
7 Virginia (1) 1,232
8 Gonzaga 1,227
9 Kentucky 1,110
10 Ohio State 1,006
11 Oregon 998
12 Texas Tech 947
13 Seton Hall 837
14 Arizona 644
15 Utah State 619
16 Memphis 574
17 Villanova 560
18 Xavier 463
19 Auburn 420
20 Tennessee 402
21 VCU 365
22 Texas 238
23 Colorado 208
24 Baylor 179
25 Washington 150

Others Receiving Votes: Florida St. 91, Florida 67, LSU 61, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 55, Evansville 43, Oklahoma 29, Vermont 11, Michigan 11, Marquette 11, Purdue 11, Butler 10, Mississippi St. 9, Virginia Tech 7, West Virginia 6, Providence 5, Wisconsin 5, Liberty 4, Arkansas 3, Missouri 2, UConn 2, Southern Cal 2, New Mexico 2, San Diego St. 2, Dayton 1.

Polling History

Some interesting Villanova AP Poll facts from College Poll Archive and College Poll Tracker:

  • 386th ranking in the AP Poll (17th All-Time)
  • 6th consecutive week ranked in the AP Poll (9th longest active streak)
  • Three voters are highest on Villanova at #11
  • Four voters are lowest on Villanova, not ranking them

Additional Polling Data

Some would argue these “experts” are more relevant than the AP Poll.

KenPom: Nova is 12th overall, 15th in Adj. Offense, and 15th in Adj. Defense

Sagarin: Nova is 18th overall, 19th in Predictor, 18th in Golden Mean, and 29th in Recent

Massey: Nova is 24th overall, 34th in Offense, 24th in Defense

NET: Not yet updated

Kendrick: I’m predicting my daughter and I will see Anna Kendrick in Trolls World Tour approximately 17 times.

And if you’re looking for another set of rankings to care about, try reading Rankings 101.