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Villanova Basketball down a spot to #23 in latest AP Poll

Despite getting a win, Villanova still dropped in the polls

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La Salle v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Villanova Wildcats took a short step down in the polls today, moving to #23 in Week 5 of the 2019-2020 AP Poll. Despite winning their only game of the week by double digits, four teams were able to use their success in November tournaments to vault over the Wildcats.

The Big East swapped out one school for another as Xavier was replaced in the Top 25 by undefeated Butler, now ranked #24 right behind Villanova. Seton Hall remains the highest ranked team in the conference, although they slid three spots to #16 after a loss to Oregon. In the “other receiving votes” category, the Big East is represented by Xavier (27th) and DePaul (34th).

Outside of the Big East, Villanova still has one ranked opponent on their schedule in #2 Kansas. Also on Nova’s schedule this month is undefeated Delaware, which received a single vote in the AP Poll.

2019-2020 AP Poll: Week 5

Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
1 Louisville (48) 1,599
2 Kansas (3) 1,497
3 MarylandMaryland 1,446
4 Michigan (9) 1,429
5 Virginia (5) 1,424
6 Ohio State 1,244
7 North Carolina 1,162
8 Kentucky 1,096
9 Gonzaga 1,095
10 Duke 1,083
11 Michigan State 964
12 Arizona 875
13 Oregon 785
14 Auburn 698
15 Memphis 652
16 Seton Hall 629
17 Florida State 562
18 Baylor 466
19 Dayton 386
20 Colorado 371
21 Tennessee 331
22 Washington 222
23 Villanova 192
24 Butler 165
25 Utah State 112

Others Receiving Votes: Florida 111, Xavier 91, San Diego St. 89, Saint Mary’s (Cal) 86, Oklahoma St. 85, Texas Tech 43, West Virginia 28, Purdue 24, DePaul 18, Arkansas 17, Indiana 13, Penn St. 9, Stephen F Austin 7, Oklahoma 6, Liberty 5, Notre Dame 2, Richmond 2, VCU 2, SMU 1, Delaware 1

Polling History

Some interesting Villanova AP Poll facts from College Poll Archive and College Poll Tracker:

  • 388th ranking in the AP Poll (17th All-Time)
  • 8th consecutive week ranked in the AP Poll (8th longest active streak)
  • Two voters are highest on Villanova at #15
  • Twenty-five voters are lowest on Villanova, not ranking them

Additional Polling Data

Some would argue these “experts” are more relevant than the AP Poll.

KenPom: Nova is 18th overall, 3rd in Adj. Offense, and 68th in Adj. Defense

Sagarin: Nova is 24th overall, 19th in Predictor, 23rd in Golden Mean, and 30th in Recent

Massey: Nova is 24th overall, 18th in Power, 15th in Offense, 54th in Defense

NET: Not yet updated

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