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Villanova jumps up to #10 in latest AP Poll

The Wildcats have climbed back into the Top 10

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Kansas v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Villanova Wildcats climbed up to #10 in the latest AP Poll following their victory over then #1 Kansas. Nova now has a big win for its tournament resume, and their upcoming Big East slate has many more opportunities for the Wildcats to prove they belong back in the Top 10 where they started the season.

It was also a big week poll for the Big East. Villanova is now the highest ranked team in the Big East, jumping over the now #12 Butler Bulldogs. While they’re the only teams in the Top 25, every team in the conference except Providence received votes this week. That includes Xavier (28th), DePaul (29th), Marquette (34th), Creighton (37th), Georgetown (39th), St. John’s (42nd), and Seton Hall (44th).

2019-2020 AP Poll: Week 8

Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
1 Gonzaga (54) 1,608
2 Ohio State (9) 1,520
3 Louisville (1) 1,460
4 Duke (1) 1,429
5 Kansas 1,388
6 Oregon 1,286
7 Baylor 1,207
8 Auburn 1,107
9 Memphis 1,040
10 Villanova 950
11 Michigan 889
12 Butler 853
13 Maryland 785
14 Michigan State 775
15 San Diego State 763
16 Virginia 595
17 Florida State 583
18 Dayton 541
19 Kentucky 411
20 Penn State 332
21 Washington 326
22 West Virginia 229
23 Texas Tech 178
24 Arizona 153
25 Iowa 125

Others Receiving Votes: Wichita State 112, Colorado 79, Xavier 68, DePaul 54, Indiana 45, Liberty 40, Utah State 36, Saint Mary’s 29, Marquette 28, Tennessee 24, Northern Iowa 23, Creighton 12, Purdue 11, Georgetown 9, Stanford 7, BYU 4, St. John’s 4, Virginia Tech 3, Seton Hall 2, East Tennessee State 1, Yale 1

Polling History

Some interesting Villanova AP Poll facts from College Poll Archive and College Poll Tracker:

  • 391st ranking in the AP Poll (17th All-Time)
  • 11th consecutive week ranked in the AP Poll (8th longest active streak)
  • 215th ranking in the AP Poll Top 10 (14th All-Time)
  • One voter is highest on Villanova at #5
  • One voter is lowest on Villanova at #18

Additional Polling Data

Some would argue these “experts” are more relevant than the AP Poll.

KenPom: Nova is 19th overall, 7th in Adj. Offense, and 82nd in Adj. Defense

Sagarin: Nova is 17th overall, 17th in Predictor, 15th in Golden Mean, and 20th in Recent

Massey: Nova is 14th overall, 16th in Power, 18th in Offense, 48th in Defense

NET: Nova is 21st overall, 2nd in the Big East

Kendrick: Anna Kendrick first started auditioning for TV Commercials when she was 10.

And if you’re looking for another set of rankings to care about, try reading Rankings 101.