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Villanova Basketball falls to #17 in the AP Poll

Nova’s loss last night dropped them four spots in the poll

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NCAA Basketball: Providence at Villanova Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Villanova Wildcats took a slight stumble in the polls down to #17 after last night’s loss to St. John’s. The four spot drop is a small setback, but doesn’t put the Wildcats out of striking range for one of the coveted Top 16 overall seeds in the NCAA tournament.

Despite winning their only game against DePaul, #11 Marquette also dropped a spot in the polls after being jumped by Michigan State. St. John’s, now 3-1 against the top two teams in the Big East, jumped back into the receiving votes category.

Outside of the Big East, the big news was the change at the top of the poll. With Tennessee’s blowout loss to Kentucky over the weekend, #1 Duke reclaimed the top spot in the poll but shares first place votes with #2 Gonzaga.

#17 Villanova will look to return to their winning ways this Wednesday at Georgetown.

2018-19 AP Poll: Week 16

Rank Team Record Points
Rank Team Record Points
1 Duke 23-2 1,594 (58)
2 Gonzaga 25-2 1,502 (6)
3 Virginia 22-2 1,476
4 Kentucky 21-4 1,383
5 Tennessee 23-2 1,376
6 Nevada 24-1 1,240
7 Michigan 23-3 1,150
8 North Carolina 20-5 1,129
9 Houston 25-1 1,085
10 Michigan State 21-5 1,046
11 Marquette 21-4 987
12 Kansas 20-6 801
13 LSU 21-4 773
14 Texas Tech 21-5 733
15 Purdue 18-7 699
16 Florida State 20-5 525
17 Villanova 20-6 519
18 Louisville 18-8 507
19 Iowa State 19-6 426
20 Virginia Tech 20-5 408
21 Iowa 20-5 389
22 Wisconsin 17-8 250
23 Kansas State 19-6 249
24 Maryland 19-7 211
25 Buffalo 22-3 164

Others Receiving Votes: Cincinnati 99, Wofford 32, Auburn 21, Washington 20, St. John’s 2, Mississippi St. 2, Mississippi 1, Yale 1

Polling History

Some interesting Villanova AP Poll facts from College Poll Archive and College Poll Tracker:

  • It’s Villanova’s 380th ranking in the AP Poll (17th All-Time)
  • It’s Villanova’s 6th consecutive week in the AP Poll (Tied for 16th longest active streak)
  • The only AP voter to rank Villanova all season has been Jeff Call

Additional Polling Data

Some would argue these “experts” are more relevant than the AP Poll.

KenPom: Nova is 22nd overall, 11th in Adj. Offense, and 75th in Adj. Defense

Sagarin: Nova is 14th overall, 17th in Predictive, 12th in Golden Mean, and 22nd in Recent

Massey: Nova is 24th overall, 19th in Power Rating, 41st in Offense, and 15th in Defense

NET: Nova is 20th overall, previously 19th

Kendrick: Anna Kendrick was featured in the September 2016 edition of #Seventeen Magazine Mexico

And if you’re looking for another set of rankings to care about, try reading Rankings 101.