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State of the Nova Nation: Downed in D.C., Checking the ‘Cats, and of course Xavier’s Heating Up!

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State of the Nova Nation Podcast VU Hoops

The podcast is available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and Spotify (a bit later in the day)! You can also listen/download today’s episode straight from Pod-O-Matic.

Episode Description: The Villanova Wildcats were handed another loss on Wednesday night, this time by longtime rival, the Georgetown Hoyas. Georgetown avenged an earlier loss to ‘Nova, winning in wire-to-wire fashion in D.C. The Wildcats have now suffered back-to-back losses for the third time this season. What’s wrong with the ‘Cats during this stretch? How is this pair of losses different from the other instances of consecutive losses. Anyone feeling those 2010 late-season collapse vibes? Can ‘Nova avoid snowballing its recent streak of losses into a disastrous avalanche? Guess we’ll see how they do against the Xavier Musketeers, who have followed up a big losing streak with three-straight victories including an unexpected one on Wednesday.