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NCAA to announce allegations against six schools this summer

And that could just be the start...

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Happy Thursday Nova Nation! With the FBI Trials finally over, the NCAA has been cleared by the government agency to open their own investigations into the allegations that have risen over the past 2 years. And in a very uncharacteristic move, the NCAA is acting quickly on this.

Today the governing body of college athletics announced it would be releasing Level 1 allegations (considered the most serious) against at least six schools. Two of those will be announced as early as three weeks from now, while the other four are expected to be rolled out this summer. Additional schools could be involved as well.

So let the guessing game begin: who will be the first hit with sanctions and how harsh will they be? There are a number of factors at play here, but let’s start with who the schools could be. Arizona and Kansas are probably the biggest programs that were prominently featured in the FBI trials. Louisville also fits that category, as does the three other schools that had assistant coaches initially arrested: Auburn, Oklahoma State, and USC.

Then there are the several other schools that were named in reports and trials as having possible violations. While Villanova has never been a part of that group, fellow Big East teams Creighton and DePaul have been. It’s unclear how quickly after the initial six the NCAA will roll out these allegations, but one would imagine they would want them all out in the open before the start of the next season.

Then there are the NCAA factors to consider on this, specifically recent changes that could effect how these allegations are handled. Recent changes that allow the inclusion of information from the FBI trials and the assertion that head coaches are responsible for the actions of their staff and programs could lead to lengthy suspensions for guys like Sean Miller. While the NCAA can’t make a university fire a coach, they sure can make it pointless to have him on staff.

Then there’s also a new policy that goes into effect on August 1st, by which the most serious NCAA allegations will be decided on by an infractions committee that includes members from outside the NCAA. No one knows how lenient or strict this new committee will end up being, but it’s hard to imagine they’d be much more toothless than the NCAA has been with major programs in the recent past.

So what does all of this mean for Villanova? The only thing that’s clear is that Jay Wright and the Wildcats have stayed far away from this whole mess. The biggest question mark really becomes how quickly the NCAA will act and what kind of sanctions it will impose. Six months and one week from tomorrow the Wildcats will host Kansas at the Wells Fargo center, and it’s unclear at this time if these investigations could effect that game. Running on track record, I’d say it’s likely we won’t have an answer by December. But then again, maybe this marks a turning point for how the NCAA handles its business. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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