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How To Watch the 2019 NBA Draft

Another group of Wildcats is ready to join the pros

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at La Salle Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

How To Watch the 2019 NBA Draft

When: 7:00 PM EST Thursday, June 20th

Where: Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn, NY


Streaming: Watch ESPN and the WatchESPN App

Eric Paschall, Phil Booth, and Joe Cremo have all been working out with NBA teams for the last few weeks, and all of their hard work will hopefully get paid off tonight. Each player comes into the evening with different objectives, but they all want the same goal: to become NBA players.

Paschall is going to hear his name called tonight. While he wasn’t invited to the green room like Mikal Bridges and Donte DiVincenzo last year, he still has a shot to go as a late first round pick. Villanova has had a lot of success at the end of the first round, with Josh Hart and Omari Spellman both being selected 30th overall in the last two NBA Drafts. But even if Paschall falls to the second round, where like Jalen Brunson he’d be considered a steal, he’s likely to end up with a guaranteed contract. At this point, it’s just a matter of waiting to see where he’ll be playing.

Booth’s actually in a similar position to Ryan Arcidiacono back in 2016. He’s not expected to hear his name called at the end of the second round, although he’s close enough to that group that it could happen. But in truth, Booth is probably hoping he doesn’t hear his name called. He’s been working out with a number of teams, enough that it’s likely a few have already reached out to him and his agent with interest of signing him to their summer league squads if he goes undrafted. If Booth falls through the draft, then he’ll get to pick a team he’s been talking to, rather than one that just decided to take a late round flyer. Remember, Arch’s first contract with the Spurs was a multi-year deal with guaranteed money. Hopefully Booth can land something similar.

Cremo didn’t get as many looks as his fellow teammates, and his future is a bit more up in the air. His path may look similar to Darryl Reynolds, who signed with the 76ers for their mini-camp prior to summer league, but was not extended and would go on to play overseas. Hopefully he’ll have a few options to consider, but my best guess is that he’ll take a more lucrative contract to play internationally than what he may be offered state side.

We wish the best of luck to all three former Wildcats tonight, and can’t wait to see where they’ll be playing next season!