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VU Hoops Summer Tournament Needs Your Help!

Our annual summer tournament starts next month, and you can help make it better than ever!

With July just around the corner, that means it’s time for what’s become an annual tradition here at VU Hoops, the Summer Tournament! Every off-season we give you the chance to vote on some of your favorite Villanova players of All-Time in a full NCAA-style bracket.

In the past we’ve done Favorite Player, Favorite Class, and the 3-on-3 Tournament. Every season so far, Ryan Arcidiacono has walked away with the Summer Tournament Title, but this year he’ll certainly have his hands full. He’ll have to team up with the best players of the Philly Suburbs if he wants to win this year’s tournament, Hometown Heroes.

That’s right, this year the greatest players in Wildcat history will be teaming up to represent their the places they called home before Villanova. We’ll get to see some old teammates reunited as Josh Hart and Kris Jenkins represent the DC Suburbs, or Daniel Ochefu and Phil Booth representing Baltimore. We’ll also have new pairings, like when John Pinone joins Team Connecticut with Brooks Sales and Harold Pressley. And who will you vote for when North Philly plays West Philly? When Brooklyn plays the Bronx? When every single town in North Jersey plays each other!?!? We’ll have all that and more starting on July 8th.

But first, I’m asking for some help from you. I heavily research these tournaments to try to bring you the most accurate brackets I can. For this tournament I’m using the NCAA Tournament Era (1939-Today) of players, and let’s just say I don’t have access to all of their high school and home town records. In fact, of the 468 players I’ve identified for this tournament, I’m missing the hometowns of almost half of them. So I’m turning to you, Nova Nation, if you can help identify the hometown or high school of any of the following Villanova Wildcats.

Please use the link below to fill out their information and your source, and I’ll be sure to add them to the player pool as I fill out the bracket. Thank you in advance for your help, and I can’t wait to get things started!

Submit a Player Hometown or High School

Can you identify their hometowns or high schools?

Missing Player Last Year Played
Missing Player Last Year Played
Addison Worthington 1939
Allen Ferguson 1976
Andrew Fontana 1944
Angelo Scotese 1950
Anthony Parpan 1940
Anthony Vinci 1939
Arthur Vigilante 1939
Ben Kenny 1965
Bernard Chavis 1961
Bernard McAloon 1941
Bernie Schaffer 1966
Bill Harris 1973
Bill Soens 1965
Bob Schwartz 1972
Bob Sebastian 1975
Brian Noone 1998
Bruce Anders 1978
Bruce Johnson 1979
Carl Fuglestad 1946
Carl Schneider 1945
Charles LaBella 1944
Charles Yund 1941
Chris Lee 1999
Chris Masotti 1991
Christopher Grier 2001
Daniel Fleisher 1945
Dario Pia 1947
David Clune 1953
David Jones 1945
David Van Ward 1945
Dimitrus Alston 1974
Don McGinley 1961
Donald Nalty 1955
Donald Osterman 1944
Donald Robertson 1946
E. Joseph Costello 1945
Ed Manning 1975
Edward Reybitz 1947
Edward Sullivan 1946
Eric Erickson 1965
Ernest Robinson 1941
Eugene McGoldrick 1943
Francis Buckley 1948
Francis Froelicher 1945
Francis O�Neill 1945
Francis Stahl 1952
Frank Gillen 1969
Frank McCall 1969
Frank Power III 1954
Frederick Gerland 1942
Frederick Goetz 1945
Gabrial Lizak 1945
Gary Jentz 1973
Gene Cothran 1966
Gene Kelly 1968
George Burns 1943
George Duzminski 1940
George Emma 1959
George Fricke 1947
George May 1968
Gerald Stefanic 1963
Greg Downs 1989
Jaime Gregg 1996
James Brady 1954
James Bunn 1947
James Gallagher 1945
James Kenny 1959
James Merrick 1944
James Montgomery 1939
James O�Brien 1963
Jim Berrang 1975
Jim Boylan 1972
Jim Hodson 1963
Jim Knoebel 1981
Jim McMonagle 1963
Joe McGill 1963
John Brokars 1962
John Dillon 1945
John Farley 1948
John Fox 1971
John Kelly 1958
John Krutulis 1939
John Mahan 1952
John Martin 1946
John McFadden 1942
John Meade 1954
John Murphy 1941
John Price 1967
John Ramsey 1944
John Sankey 1945
John Schroeder 1969
John Scott 1958
John Sices 1981
Joseph Brehmer 1947
Joseph Donnelly 1953
Joseph Dwyer 1945
Joseph McGill 1963
Joseph O�Keefe 1944
Joseph Vitucci 1946
Joseph Zawacki 1961
Kenneth Harrison 1959
Kevin McKenna 1983
Kevin Traynor 1966
Larry Moody 1974
Lee Carter 1945
Leo Wolf 1950
Leon Wojnowski 1970
Leonard Autrey 1945
Leonard Kolenda 1941
Louis Dubino 1939
Louis Lopez 1944
Luis Pagan 1981
Mano Morales 1976
Mark Weber 1946
Marty Caron 1980
Marty Lutschaunig 1983
Matt Couture 1996
Matthew Brennan 1958
Maurice Hertzfeld 1945
Michael Cheppa 1943
Michael Enright 1984
Michael Lazorchak 1940
Michael Switken 1957
Mike Connelly 1973
Mike Mulquin 1983
Mike Tralies 1964
Nick Fragakis 1996
Pat Enright 1988
Paul Anisko 1952
Paul Ruby 1944
Prosper Petit 1948
Ralph Kowalkowski 1959
Ray Dietz 1994
Raymond Kodish 1943
Rich Kelleher 1965
Rich Richman 1961
Richard Abele 1952
Richard Burke 1954
Richard Evans 1945
Richard Gray 1942
Richard Kaminski 1961
Richard LeFevre 1960
Richard Madigan 1945
Richard Rice 1946
Robert Formaini 1944
Robert Gouldlock 1958
Robert Kelty 1943
Robert Liberatore 1961
Robert Moffett 1945
Robert Schwille 1947
Ron Caron 1977
Ron Cowan 1979
Rudolph Yeager 1948
Sam Iorio 1964
Stephen Priko 1943
Terry McGuire 1967
Thomas Baxter 1945
Thomas Dunleavy 1943
Thomas Galia 1961
Thomas Harford 1941
Thomas Morris 1962
Tim Muller 1991
Tom Bethea 1980
Tom Guellich 1974
Walter Burlington 1939
William Barry 1948
William Callaghan 1945
William Conner 1945
William Doherty 1946
William Feeney 1944
William Money 1957
William Russell 1944
William Schanberger 1945
William Sinnott 1940
William Wood 1943

Submit a Player Hometown or High School

Thank you again in for your help, and I look forward to seeing who wins our VU Hoops Summer Tournament 2019: Hometown Heroes!