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Summer Podcast Suggestions for Villanova Basketball fans

Starved for college basketball content? Here are some podcasts to bring with you for your summer adventures

The end of July usually means two things are happening. First, I am letting out a huge sigh of relief that our annual VU Hoops Summer Tournament is over (a true labor of love!). And second, everyone’s on or about to embark on their summer adventures.

Personally, I just got back from a week on the beach with the family. It was an amazing time playing in the waves, walking on the boardwalk, building sandcastles, and just taking some time to relax. And when I was just sitting in the shade and putting my feet up, I was listening to podcasts.

If you haven’t jumped on the podcast train yet, all aboard! It’s like reading for your ears, but sometimes with less grammar and always with better comedic timing. They’re great for car rides, working out, doing chores, or just sitting around and enjoying some content.

For those of you looking to combine your love of Villanova Basketball with the world of podcasting, there certainly are a number of great options. Some of them are currently on summer hiatus, but there are plenty that either keep it rolling year round or spring up from time to time. So as you embark off on your summer adventures, you should subscribe and download a few of these to keep in your back pocket.

Villanova Basketball Podcasts

We start with the shows focusing almost exclusively on Villanova Basketball. Many of these are posting new episodes infrequently during the off-season, but will have regular episodes as we near the new season. It’s good to be subscribed to these when the unanticipated player interview or breaking news pops up, and they’re must listens during the season.

The State of the Nova Nation

Well what do you know? VU Hoops has its very own podcast (@SoNNpod)! Join Eugene Rapay (@erapay5) and Chris Stanziale (@thestanzman) as they breakdown the latest news and hottest buzz around Men’s and Women’s Villanova Basketball. Frequent guests include VU Hoops own Catherine Ryan (@cmryan624), Brendan Reilly (@brendanreilly37), and Chris Lane (@chrisjjlane). Check out the latest episode where the guys wrap-up the 2019 Season and see what’s next for Villanova. Listen HERE!

Talking Villanova Basketball with Jay Wright

Where better to hear about Villanova Basketball than from the head coach himself! This former radio show turned podcast features Jay Wright (@VUCoachJWright) interviewing current and former players, members of the Villanova community, and others close to Villanova Basketball. You may need to wait a while between episodes, but they’re well worth it. Check out the latest episode where Jay interviews with freshmen Eric Dixon (@BigEballer_) and Justin Moore (@YooJustoo) to get their thoughts on their first few days at Villanova. Listen HERE!

The Full 40

Chris and Rob on @TheFull40 provide their not-so-serious takes on Villanova Basketball with a mic in one hand and a drink in the other. From awarding the Alpha-Dog of the week to breaking down their trips to Villanova Basketball games, they cover everything in the world of Villanova Basketball. Check out the latest episode where the guys talk about the NBA Draft and the end of the 2019 season. Listen HERE!

PODCATS: The Official Villanova Sports Podcast

The sports writers from The Villanovan (@VillanovanPod) bring you a breakdown of all Villanova sports, but a big chunk of that is Villanova Basketball. The show features analysis, player interviews, and the student’s take on everything that’s going on with the University’s sports teams. Check out the latest episode where the staff interviews Women’s Basketball forward Mary Gedaka. Listen HERE!

Former Villanova Player Podcasts

Villanova players are talented at more than just basketball, they excel in just about everything they do! A few of those former players have gotten into media as their career or just a fun hobby. The result are some great podcasts that I can’t recommend enough!

Light Harted Podcast

Is there anything Josh Hart (@joshhart) can’t do? He and his brother from another mother, friend, and high school teammate, Matt Hillman (@ILOVEMATTYICE), host an interview show (@lighthartedpod) where they bring in some of the biggest names in sports, media, and business. This is more of a hang out with friends than an interview. Great conversation, great guests, great wine, great podcast. Check out the latest episode where Josh and Matt interview close friend and NBA player Larry Nance Jr. (@Larrydn22). Listen HERE!

BLEAV in the Big 5 with Darryl Reynolds

Former National Champion Darryl “D.Rey” Reynolds (@dreythedirector) hosts a new podcasts that focuses on everything around Philadelphia’s Big 5 Basketball . His smooth and relaxed interview style is perfect as he reminisces with players and fans about old games, heated rivalries, and the importance of one of Philadelphia’s greatest traditions. Check out the latest episode where Darryl interviews current Villanova coach and former Villanova player Dwayne Anderson (@waynethepres). Listen HERE!

Stay Tuned with D. Rey

Another great podcast from host Darry Reynolds (@dreythedirector) where he interviews players, media members, influencers, and all sorts of interesting people in a talk-show style format. This was Reynolds’ first foray into podcast hosting, and he absolutely nails it! It’s full of great stories, fantastic insights, and the relaxed feel that only D.Rey can bring to the mic. Check out the latest episode where he interviews two time champion and 2018 National Player of the Year Jalen Brunson (@jalenbrunson1) and his mother Sandra. Listen HERE!

College Basketball Podcasts

Looking to broaden your college basketball horizons and hear about other programs? No, me neither. But sometimes these other podcasts talk about Villanova along with the rest of college basketball, so they’re worth a listen too. There are a lot of men’s basketball shows out there, but these are my personal favorites.

One Shining Podcast

Mark Titus (@clubtrillion) and Tate Frazer (@tatefrazier) are easily the most entertaining duo on the national college basketball scene. Their podcast (@oneshiningpod), formerly known as “T’d Up”, is my personal favorite college basketball podcast that isn’t Villanova-centric. And it’s not close. It’s the perfect listen if you’re into college basketball, but not THAT into college basketball. And even if you’re a die hard, you’re going to enjoy it too. Check out the latest episode where they interview Villanova great, two time champion, and 2018 National Player of the Year Jalen Brunson (@jalenbrunson1). Listen HERE!

Three Man Weave

Jim Root (@2ndChancePoints), Ky McKeon (@MidRange_Report), and Matt Cox (@matty_cox) breakdown EVERYTHING in college basketball. 3MW (@3MW_CBB) brings a fun loving nature too their deep dives into stats, mid-majors, and the betting world of college basketball. Definitely a great listen for basketball junkies and those who like putting a wager on the game. Check out the latest episode where they deep dive into the top transfers at the Power 6 and Mid-Major level, and finish with a college basketball fantasy draft. Listen HERE!

CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball

As long as we’re listening to college basketball podcasts, why not tune into the home of the NCAA Tournament! College Basketball reporters Gary Parrish (@GaryParrishCBS) and Matt Norlander (@MattNorlander) give you the latest in the college basketball stories on and off the court. They have great insight and access to coaches and players, and are always right on top of the latest developments in the sport. Check out their latest episode where they report live from the giant grass-roots recruiting event, Peach Jam. Listen HERE!

If you don’t listen to podcasts, give one a try. If you do listen to podcats, try a new one! Feel free to share your favorite podcasts (basketball or otherwise) in the comments below, and enjoy listening as we get closer and closer to the start of a new Villanova Basketball season!