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Phil Booth signs with Washington Wizards

The winningest player in Villanova history is living out his NBA dream!

Texas Tech v Villanova Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Phil Booth has signed with the Washington Wizards per Don Markakus on Twitter:

As explained above, the signing gets Booth to Wizards training camp, but does not guarantee a 2-way contract. Still, this leaves a G-League spot very much in play and once again gives Booth the opportunity to play his way onto the team.

The Wizards have recent experience with Villanova players. Daniel Ochefu and Kris Jenkins, two of Booth’s former teammates, signed undrafted free agent contracts with the Wizards in their first year out of college.

Jay Wright was quick to congratulate his former captain on Twitter:

Training camp usually begins in mid to late September, so Booth will have some time to continue to work on his game and improve his chances of making it long term with Washington. But for today at least, he and the rest of the Nova Nation can celebrate the fact that yet another Wildcat has joined the elite ranks of the NBA.