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NBA Wildcat Watch: Las Vegas Summer League Roundup (July 8)

Booth is in action, while Paschall and Spellman reunite!

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Day 1 - Minnesota Timberwolves v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Day four of the NBA Las Vegas Summer League is coming down the homestretch. Here are some updates from Monday’s games, featuring Omari Spellman (Golden State Warriors) and Eric Paschall (Golden State Warriors), as well as Phil Booth (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Each time a former Wildcat hits the court for Summer League play, we will recap how they did and include a few highlights (if available). This will also serve as a discussion board. We will try to keep it updated as soon as the games are over, so check back often!

Phil Booth

After being benched over the weekend, Booth responded with his most efficient showing yet. He was back in the rotation, scoring 11 points in 12 minutes of action. He was 3-of-4 on the floor, and he hit a couple of threes. He also had two assists and a steal for the Cavaliers. Unfortunately for the Cavaliers, they lost 89-72, but it was a much-improved performance for Booth.

Up Next: vs. New Orleans on Wednesday, July 10, at 7:30 p.m. ET (ESPN2)

Eric Paschall

Eric Paschall is sitting out once again. Just as he sat on Saturday, he’s doing the same again. The Warriors said it was possible that he may return for Monday night, but it doesn’t look like it’s happening. Paschall sustained a tailbone injury, and Golden State will be playing it safe.

Up Next: vs. Denver on Wednesday, July 10, at 11:30 p.m. ET (ESPNU)

Omari Spellman

In case you missed the news, Spellman was traded to the Warriors on Monday afternoon. The Warriors won’t be using their newest acquisition just yet, as Spellman is not available in the game against the Lakers.

Up Next: vs. Denver on Wednesday, July 10, at 11:30 p.m. ET (ESPNU)