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Villanova Basketball sticks at #12 in the AP Poll

The Wildcats got jumped by Creighton who now sits in the Top 10

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NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Temple Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

The Villanova Wildcats stayed put at #12 in the AP Poll this week despite movement above and below them. Last week the Wildcats were the highest ranked team in the Big East, but despite winning two road games Nova was leap-frogged by the Creighton Bluejays, who now sit at #10. Meanwhile, the Seton Hall Pirates have moved up right behind the Wildcats at #13. These three teams will be battling down the stretch for the Big East Title, and it’s appropriate that they’re all now in the nation’s Top 15.

Elsewhere in the Big East, Marquette and Butler have fallen out of the Top 25. The two teams are still receiving votes. Meanwhile bubble teams like Providence and Xavier are still on the outside looking in when it comes to the polls.

Villanova will next play at home on Wednesday against St. John’s. Kyle Lowry’s jersey will be retired at halftime.

2019-2020 AP Poll: Week 17

Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
Rank Team (#1 Votes) Points
1 Kansas (62) 1598
2 Baylor (2) 1532
3 Gonzaga 1442
4 Dayton 1413
5 San Diego State 1287
6 Florida State 1247
7 Duke 1186
8 Kentucky 1130
9 Maryland 1124
10 Creighton 986
11 Louisville 966
12 Villanova 928
13 Seton Hall 842
14 Oregon 653
15 Auburn 643
16 Penn State 618
17 BYU 598
18 Iowa 489
19 Michigan 329
20 West Virginia 313
21 Colorado 291
22 Texas Tech 226
23 Ohio State 210
24 Michigan State 160
25 Houston 102

Others Receiving Votes: Arizona State 95, Illinois 82, Arizona 71, Butler 51, Virginia 50, Marquette 41, Stephen F. Austin 29, LSU 24, East Tennessee State 13, Utah State 9, Florida 8, Wisconsin 7, New Mexico State 2, Northern Iowa 2, Liberty 2, UCLA 1

Polling History

Some interesting Villanova AP Poll facts from College Poll Archive

  • 400th ranking in the AP Poll (16th All-Time)
  • 20th consecutive week ranked in the AP Poll (5th longest active streak)

Additional Polling Data

Some would argue these “experts” are more relevant than the AP Poll.

KenPom: Nova is 18th overall, 12th in Adj. Offense, and 52nd in Adj. Defense

Sagarin: Nova is 11th overall, 18th in Predictor, 12th in Golden Mean, and 11th in Recent

Massey: Nova is 8th overall, 9th in Power, 21st in Offense, 13th in Defense

NET: Nova is 11th overall, 2nd in the Big East

Kendrick: Anna Kendrick was in the Broadway show High Society at age 12th.

And if you’re looking for another set of rankings to care about, try reading Rankings 101.