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Villanova Wildcats, Seton Hall Pirates Projected to be #3 Seeds in NCAA Tournament

In advance of their conference showdown, Wildcats and Pirates both tabbed as 3-seeds if Tourney tipped off today

College basketball’s annual in-season bracket was revealed earlier today on CBS Sports. The bracket is essentially a projection of what the field would look like if the tournament started today (thank God it does not).

As you can see below, Villanova was revealed as the projected #3 seed in the West while the Seton Hall Pirates were projected to be #3 seed in the South.

I am...surprised. I thought, at best, Villanova would be on the 4-line so I am pretty psyched about this. It speaks to the quality of Villanova’s wins and the team’s lack of “bad” losses as regards the metrics valued by the committee.

So, as we head into a match-up with conference foe Seton Hall, let’s remain mindful that we are still in a good spot.