NIL Update

Does anyone out there have a valuation of NIL updates?

HOw are our players participating?

Is it taking focus away from practice?

Is it hurting recruiting?

We are about to exit the Golden Age of Villanova Basketball.

With Coach K retiring, Jay is about to pick up the mantle, and we might enter the platinum age of Villanova basketball.

National Championships? Check.

Guys in the NBA? Check.

Great place to earn a degree? Check.

Great infrastructure for players that don't go into the NBA? Check.

Seems that we should be a top destination for any recruit. I am curious and concerned that the new NIL rules will substantially impact this.

I know a few of our players are particpating. I am wondering if anyone on this board has any thoughts on how we compete with other schools with current players and what we can offer can possibly compete with D1 football schools.

I know it is a new rule, but f this rule was not in place, I imagine we would be entering a PLATINUM AGE of Villanova basketball.

Any thoughts on if the new rules could copmletely derail us and make us uncompetitive with D! major football schools?

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