There is not path to a one seed, but wait! Duke?

Gonzaga, Duke, Baylor, Purdue, UCLA.

We lost to 3 of these teams and have no chances at eye popping wins.

Win at Providence? Yeah, be nice. Will not be eye popping.

Run the Big East? Yeah, impressive! But, you lost to 3 of the teams ahead of you and Gonzaga went undefeated!

There is no path to a one seed.

I t hought there was no path to play Duke in Philly for a chance at the Final Four.

But here is where it gets really interesting! Wells Fargo is a sweet 16 site.

Chicago is a sweet 16 site. San Anotonia and San Fran.

Going to send us to Chicato to play Purdue?

San Antonia to play Balylor?

San Fran to play UCLA or Gonzaga?

We are everyl bit a 2 or 3 seed. There is zero path to a one seed. But, we might have a path to Wells Fargo by default.. Losing to the teams we lost too, will make them less likely to put us in their cities.

Real possiblity we are a 2 or 3 in Philly.

Bring on Duke! I think we might get them in Philly!

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