Tuesday’s Arizin: Post-Labor Day return of daily links (Sept. 6)


Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! As we unofficially bid goodbye to the summer, we can take solace in the fact that we’re a mere nine weeks away from the start of the college basketball season. For the first time, in a long time, the Sun’s Arizin. Here are your daily links: Five players poised to become first-time NBA All-Stars in 2023, including Anthony Edwards and Jalen Brunson - There were five first-time All-Stars last season, and CBS Sports is optimistic that Jalen Brunson can be one this season. Jalen Brunson discusses the future of Villanova Men's Basketball | USA Today Jalen Brunson takes a deep dive into what he thinks the future of Villanova Men's Basketball looks like after Hall of Fame coach Jay Wright hands the job over to Kyle Neptune. Candid Coaches: Which conference will be the best college basketball league after realignment? - Nearly 100 college basketball coaches were asked which conference will be best after Oklahoma and Texas head to the SEC, and UCLA and USC head to the Big Ten