Kyle Neptune could not of had a more horrible start.

Failed to prepared. Made a terrible timeout agains MSU.

Seems clear that Jay forced a pick from his couaching tree. None have done well. Baker might be okay.

Our University failed. They insisted students take the vaccine to come back to school. Ooops. Vaccintated are now dying more than unvaccinated.

And of course young people, who have no risk of dying of COVID are forced to take the vaccine are now getting heart issues.

Our university failed our students. They failed our alumni. With Kyle Neptune, they failed our basketball program.

Our great basketball program is now in the same league as our former great University. Epic failure.

I would hope that the University apologizes for their errors and accepts the Sancity of Christ.

Would hope that Kyle understands his lack of success and focuses to do better for himself and the university.

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