Steve Must Leave...give Kyle a chance?

I am a proud Villanova Graduate, 1998.

My Freshman year, we were a three seed and lost to Old Dominion in overtime.

I remember, Corr Hall, my hall mate through his chari in the hallway.

Was a lot of anger. The team was typically good during the Lappas era. The Kittles, Lawsom, Williams, Eberz team should have gone to multiple final fours. It was a more talented team than the 2016 team. The 2018 team might have been the best college team ever assembled.

I have been on Neptune. Everyone has been on Jay the last several years. And I am wonderign why we all questioned Jay and came to an answer....

We didn't want ti to end! It was so great. When we sucked, we were still a top 25 team. We were frusrrated and annoyed we couldnt be better. We won two national championships and we wanted to win more. Be Blue Bloods. Always be good.

Well, we are not good anymore. Can Kyle Neptune be Steve Lappas? Can he be the coach that goes into UCONN with Kerry Kittles against the number one team in the country and win by 20? Succesful except for March?

Or is this the end of Villanova basketball? This is not a crazy question. Georgetown collapsed within seconds. One great Big East tourney run gave Ewing more time, and utterly terrible. Could this be our fate?

My view, Neptune was clearly not ready. Ashley Howard was the plan but was terrible at LasAlle.. Baker was kind of rough at Quinipac, and Neptune, well, .500, let's give him a chance. Baker seems to be doing well this season. Took him a few years.

Will really suck if Baker takes over Georgetown and Neptune is 2-3 years and out.

With transfer portal and NIL, you no longer have 4 years to right a program. You get 2.

We have really good players.

Yes, I could coach this team to a top 20 ranking. I never said final four.

I watch this defense, it is embarrasing. These freshman and Brizzi (a year in the program) have no clue on switches.

I am hopeful Neptune came in over his head. Assumed we were going to win with our battle tested players and figure it out. Rest of college basketball got better in a hurry.

Nothing a few days in the film room and practice can't fix.

It's November. Our team is not right in November. Figuring some lumps in December. But ready for conference ball by January.

That stated, the rest of the Big East is sucking. UCONN, Creighton and St. John's doing well. We are a 4 to 5 team league, not a 5-6 team league for bids.

Steve Must Leave, or King Neptune? We are stuck with him for 2-3 years, let's hope he is succesful and not crying that Baker was the guy as Georgetown wins multiple championships (or whereever Baker goes).

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