Ryan is Better!

At St. Joes, as Chris Arch was trying to ice the game, the refrain game from the crowd, "Your brother is better!"

This is clearly a true statement. Ryan Arciandanco, in my opinion, was more important to our program than any other player in our history. He might be the best college basketball player in history, if you look from start to finish. Lose to Coumbia, National Champions and a program set for a decade!

That stated, Chris Arciadanco has had an amazing start to the season.

Under manned. Out gunned. Caleb Daniels wasting possesions. Defense an absolute mess without Samuels there, what did he do?

1) Ran the offense

2) Didn't turn the ball over

3) Made big defsenisve plays

He did not get to do number 4, which is critical for Villanova point guards. Ice a game. Take control of the ball with a 4-6 point lead with 3 minutes to go.

How do you ice a game as a point guard?

You don't do anything stupid. You milk the clock. You make front ends of 1 and 1's. Check, check, check.

The ending of today's game was Collin like.

We don't need him to be his brother. We don't need him to be Collin. He has tested people around him and extremely talented Fresham to make the plays. He just needs to have icewater in his veins, handle the ball, milk the clock and ice the game.

He's a lot better than you all think. We have our Mariona Riveria. The rest of hte lineup will get us there. He's the closer. And, he's going to be a damn good one.

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