UCONN, the greatest program in the history of basketball

Of course, referring to UCON womens basketball.

Never seen anything like it. Never will, probably. Dominated the sport for 30 years.

Geno has won over 1,100 games. 130 tournament wins. He mocks Coach K's 100 tournmanet wins, he is still couaching!

11 championships. Wooden territory.

21 final fours. Yes, 21 final fours.

The sport will see nothing like this as long as we live. It is by far the greatest run in the histrory of any sport.

He is still coaching. He could get 15 c hampionships.

Look, Harry was great. but, can you see the difference with a young dynamic coach?

No way anyone comes close to Gino but, man, we have an amazing coach. Young and fierty. Epexting the next 20 years of Villanova womans basketball to be like the last 20 years in the mens's game.

Going to be a great product year in year out. Golden age for Nova womens basketball, here we go!!!!!!!!

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