Happy Easter, Nova Nation!

As we celebrate the greatest day in human history, I felt the urge to take some time to discuss Villanova basketball.

Our team is so stacked next year. How do you replace two great college players?

WIth NBA level talent and extremely talented players who red shirted last year!

We will be a top ten team next year.

Predict we have a massive wina nd loss next year prior to conferene play.

Will be a work in progress, but what happens when Jay has NBA level talent on his roster? He wins!

Going to be a very fun season!

And, I love all you guys, but we whine and infight way too much. Our team will be awesome, and I predict Jim Dribbles picks a player he loves, that the rest of you rip on, and that player will struggle! Yet, he will end up being awesome!

As we celebrate the greatest day in human history, I hope we can celebrate the greates coach and program in human history!


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