As Predicted, NIL killed college basketball

This is why Jay Wright is retiring. There is no way to compete against power 5 conference schools for top recruits anymore.

Can all be so proud of yourselves, patting yoru selves on the back that this is fundamental fainess. Same idiots that think masks work and the covid vaccine doesn't cause heart issues and the resson why cancer raters are up.

There is simply no way Villanova can compete with any power 5 school for recrruits. Guessing Cam Whitmore is gone, too. Probabably a multi million dollar some where else. He was too good.

We had ther greatests and best run So many great players and great moments.

Big East will gradually drop down to a 4 bid to a 3 bid to a 2 bid conference. Probably sray as a two bid conference.

Fox Sports will have zero interest in playing our games. Local affiliates.

Yeah, the NIL is good, let the players get paid! You are total fools. Killed our school and killed our program at its height.

Get that Jay Wright can leave on a final four run, and has no interest in going back to his days at Hofstra. Villanova Basketball is dead. Big East Basketball is dead.

NIL was never a good idea. Hope the NCAA burns and no one watches the tournament ever again.

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