The Sun did not rise today

At least not on Villanova basketball.

Our program is officially dead.

Cam Whitmore and perhaps Armstrong will be gone within the week.

The Fox Sports Deal will be cancelled/not renewed within 2 years.

This was a train wreck from the start.

Jay is too grateful to the sport to say what really happened, but Villanova can simply not compete in a world where it is pay to play.

The level of basketball in the Big East will devolve to that of the Big 10 within two years.

Get a Power 5 coaching job, or get out.

There is no path forward for Villlanova, Georgetown, Marquette, Butler, etc., when players are getting packages in excess of $1,000,000. Perhaps UCONN can still be competitive, but this means they will likely be out of the Big East and back t a Power 5 school.

Man, not like this. Such a bummer. Jay was the the pinnacle about to take over the face of the game. We had a 15 year run ahead of us.


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