The Morning After

Emotions were high the last couple of days. Watching a Hall of Fame coach retiring at the peak of his abilities with no warning was a complete shock.

Jay Wright was ready to be the face of college basketball. Perhaps, after all these years, should have been obvious to all of us Nova fans that it was something Jay never would have wanted.

Kyle Neptune is the best possible replacement for Jay. A better decision could not have been made. Bringiing in a Thad Matta type makes no sense. Is Neptune ready for the big job? Time will tell. I think many of us felt Ashley Howard would have een his replacement, but he didn't do very well at LaSalle. Neptune's time at Fordham gives us no indication of his abilities.

Maybe the NIL stuff is overstated, maybe it is not. We will see what happens with this batch of recruits. Was a very good sign that two of the three were at the awards ceremony. I do believe we are reading too much into that. But, if both stay, be a very good sign. Hausen, we will see.

The world of College Basketball is different now than it was two years ago between NIL and transfer portal. If Jay didn't have it in his heart to learn something new and risk failure so be it.

I will be forever grateful for what Jay Wright has done for our University and program.

Next man up. Let's go Neptune!

Over the next few days, I will be posting my top 10 Jay Wright memories. Number one, has to be Bang, and then not celebrating, because in his head, he is calculating rhe correct defense against a hot UNC team with .7 seconds on the clock!

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