Top 10 Jay Wright Moments

10) The technical foul. March, 2008, Clemson Nova round of 64. Nova is down 18 points, stroms back and has a 7 point lead with just under four minutes to play. Clemson claws back, Jay gets a technical foul! Nova holds on to win, Jay said after the game they were right to call the technical foul. But, he had to do what his players do and focus on the next play. Nova wins their next game and gets in the Sweet 16 as a 12 seed.

9) The resignation. Kelvin Sampson resigns form Oklahoma freeing Scottie Reynolds from his commitment. Scottie watched some Nova games and loved the way they played. Jay closes the deal!

8) The retirement. No farwell tour. No fanfare. It's all about the players. The polar opposite of the Coach K clown show. Class act, as always, Jay!

7) The gamble. Jay Wright was building a very talented, yet extremely soft team. Felt that Klye Lowry was the toughness they were missing. Alot of questions about Lowry not fitting the culture. Jay takes a chance, Lowry elevates the team to the next level! Great player and great Alum!

6) The mother. Ryan Arciadanco was recruited late by Villanova. He was strongly considering Florida. He was coming around, but there was an awards dinner that Arch and his father attended. Jay was busy and didn't make time to come say hello (very un Jay like!). Ryan was about to commit to Florida, but, his mother, bleeds Villanova, intervenes, Jay rectifies and we get the key builiding block to reform our culture and really solidify our path to Blue Bloddedness!

5) The punch or the signature win. January 22nd 2005, a blizzard outside and a blizzard in the arena! Kyle Lowry gets ejected for throwing a punch Kansas starts clawing back, but no worries! Nova goes 12-19 from 3 and blows out Kansas. Welcome to the big leagues!

4) The injury. Curtis Sumpter gets injured and Jay Wright has no choice but to play 4 guards against UNC. We lose the game on a phantom travel call (still steams me). But, Jay sees open lanes, a fluid offense and the benefits of gang rebounding. Positionless basketball is born, well before Golden State Warriors attempted. Jay the innovator!

3) The Press Conference. Scottie Reynolds makes the greatest shot of his career taking Jay to his first Final Four. After the game, Scottie and Jay are talking to the press. They ask Scottie about the play. He begins giving a full breakdown of the play, Jay intervenes! Bascially says, too much information! We might need that play again! Which, when we get to Jay's greates memory, we did!

2) The Greatest Team Ever Assembled. Jalen Brunson, Mikal Bridges, Donte Divencinzio, Eric Paschall, Omari Spellman, throw in Phil Booth and a Freshman Collin for good measure! Breeze through the tournament giving Jay his second national title! I don't think we will see a level of that play assembled ever again. Truly an amazing team. Greg McDermott said he felt like he was watching a video game, the way we moved the ball and shot.

1) Bang! Jay goes back to a play design that got him to his first FInal Four. This time, instead of driving, Arch makes the greatest pass in college basketball history! Jay says Bang, but does not celebrate. He was worried there might be .7 seconds left on the clock and was mentally developing the appropriate defense. No celebrating as work is left to be done! Such the Jay Wright way!

I'm sure you all have other great Jay memoreis, please feel free to add them in comment section, but those are my top 10! Thanks for reading!

Lastly, thank you Jay Wright for everything you have done for this team and our great University!

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