Over amped, Let's Go Brandon and Antoine is terrible

First 4 minuts of the game was absoulterly terrible. Team was over amped. Not understanding anything that they learned all season. Jay needed a quick time out.

Brandon SLater was very good today. He is going to be huge next year. Will glue together the offense and defense. Man, he played a good game. Can we get the LET'S GO BRANDON chants ready?

Antoine was utterly terrible He has been her for 3 years, and he goes to the cener and leaves his man wide open for a three? it was really bad. I understand, yeah, he was put in a tough position, but was an epic fail. He did nothing right on either side of the ball. I root for hte kid, but won't be sorry to see him go.

Kansas was unbelieveable. Pay back for what we did to them in 2018 when we were the more talented team.

I lov Collin. I love Jermeaine. I love this roster, but no real NBA talent on it. Not sad we are flipping the roster for NBA guys.

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