The Monday after; System can only take you so far, Athletes win Championships!

This might have been Jay's greatest coachng job to date. The talent level of this team was far below any of other truly succesful teams. I would rate talent in this order:

2018: Was like a video game; 5 quality NBA players/prospects and Phil Booth for good measure!

2016: Pro Josh Hart, Pro Ryan Arciananco, young Brunson, young Mikal, Daniel Ochefu and Kris Jenkins who could shoot as well as anyone when on fire

2005: Randy Foye and Klye Lowry. young Dante Cunningham. Allan Ray; truly fun team to watch

2009: Dante Cunningham and although Scottie Reynolds never had much of a pro career, he was unbelievable college athlete. Great supporting cast

2022: Just a great team that worked together but has very little true pros on the team. We will see if Justin or Caleb can make it to the big show, but will probably be a cup of coffee.

In the end, NBA level talent playing in a cohesive manner wins championships. NBA talent not playing in a cohesive manner, well, just look at Kentucky!

Very proud of this team. Very proud of this coach. Very proud of this program. That said, if we wish to compete for national championships we need to continue to hit on 5 star recruits. Maybe with Coach K gone we will have better luck! I am aware that Quinnerly did not work out, and Antoine is probably a transfer, but we have to keep going for that level of ability to dominate the sport for another decade.

Even without top talent, due to Jay's culture we can be a top 20 team at any time, compete in the Big East and catch lightning in a bottle for Final Four runs.

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