Projecting Jay Wright's Final Career Numbers and where it ranks!

The three numbers that coaches are judged on, like it or not, are, in order:

Championships (2)

Final Fours (4)

Total Wins (642)

Current leaders,

Championships: John Wooden: 10

Final Fours: Coach K 13

Total Wins: 1,202

i believe Jay Wright will coach 15 more years. I am projecting 23 wins a season, 3 Final Four Appearances and 2 more National Championships. This will be his final numbers:

Championships: 4

Final Fours 7

Total Wins: 987

If my numbers are correct, here is where Jay would rate in this categories:

Champinoships: Tied for 3rd with Adolp Rupp. Behind only Coach K and John Wooden. More than Calhoun, Bobby Knight and Roy Williams!

Final Fours: Tied for 6th. Behind Coach K, John Wooden, Deab Smith, Roy Williams, and Tom Izzo. Tied with Rick Pitino, who currently has an asterik.

Total Wins: 3rd behind Coach K and Jim Boheim. Is likely that Bob Huggins, John Calipari and a few other eclipse that number.

Jay is a true legend of the game already! I believe John Wooden is tainted, and these accomplishments will put Jay on track to be the second greatest college basketball coach of al ltime.

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