Losing to DePaul is nowhere near bottom

Hate to tell you all I told you so, but I told you so! If the team wasn't prepped for preseason tournament in Portland, we weren't going to be good.

If you are a fan of Moneyball, how do you win basketball games? You get extra possesions

How do you get extra possesions? Turnover the ball less, outrebound, or have a better percentage from 3. Every 3 made is 1.5 on a2 point possesion.

We don't shoot the 3 particularly well.

We don't outrebound opponents.

Now that you all hate arch, we turn the ball over at a massive clip.

We are good foul shooters, but we don't get that many opportunities.

This team has phenomeal players, but as a team, we do nothing well.

Losing to DePaul the bottom, then we are going to get better? Quite possible. But, this team now has zero chance to make the tourney without a Big East Run.

Next year, Whitmore is going to leave for NBA. We wasted him. The cupboard is bare.

Watch what Ewing did to Georgetown. Going to take 10 years to fix the mess Neptune made.

Give the keys to a Ferrari to a 16 year old and he will crash and burn.

An utter embarrassment. Yeah yeah, Neptune probably fights to a 1 500 record. But we are no where near an auto bid. The quality of the players on this team, I would take them to a top 25 ranking. So would you.

Next year, when the players are worse....

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