The Platnium Age of Villanova Basketball is over

I view the platinum age of Villanova basketball from 2013-2022. We can argue that the platinum age was all of Jay Wright, but team was better and things were more fun.

Regular Season Conference Success:

2013-2014: 16-2, Regular Season Big East Champions

2014-2015 16-2; Regular Season Big East Champions

2015-2016: 16-2; Regular Season Big East Champions

2016-2017: 15-3; Regular Season Big East Champions

2017-2018: 14-4; Second in the Big East

2018-2019: 13-5: Regular Season Big East Champions

2019-2020; 13-5; 3 wasy tie for Regular Season Big East Champions

2020-2021: 11-4; quirky Big East Champions due to incomplete schedule, Covid Year

2021-2022: 16-4; second in Big East due to quirky schedule, due to incomplete schedule for Providence

Big East Tournament Champions, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022

Tournament Appearances: 9

Tournmanet Record: 22-6

Final Fours: 3

National CHampionshisp 2

Legit NBA players: Bridges, Brunson, Divencenzo, Archidanco, Josh Hart, Saddiq Bey, Jeremaih Robinson Earl, and many other drafted players

Fox Sports Network: What also contributed to the platinum era is the Fox Sports Contrat. WE GOT TO WATCH IT ALL! 95% of the games were televised and we had a front row seat! When the Big East was with ESPN, alot of games were not televised.

I do not see us as a program ever reaching that nirvana again. To create a new Bronze age, things that need to occur:

1) Maintain the Fox Sports Contract, or finda another gorup where ALL games can be televised.

2) Embrace the transport portal

3) Fan base lower are expectations and enjoy the ride

We can becmoe Creighton or Xavier. Make the tournament most years and catch lightning in a bottle for championship wins again. All is not over. But, year in year out consistency of excellency, most likely not going to occur.

Let's accept this is where we are and have fun with it as a dedicated fan base.


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