Tom Brady, unrleated to Villanova Basketball

We most likely witnessed Tom Brady's last game. There will be many things stated about him.

The Seven Superbowls.

The records.

The fortitude.

They will most likely not mention the known cheating scandals and the unknown cheating scandals.

Tom Brady is the biggest cheater in the history of sports.

Far worse than Lance Armstrong! It's not even close!

1) His coach, Bill Belicheck spied on other teams. This is known, this has been discussed. It was so egregious that South Park even did an episode about it! When caught cheating, what do you say, "I misinterpreted the rules!" This lead to many wins and fradulent wins.

2) He cheated the salary cap through TB12. The NFL has parity. A reason why better, more talented QB's don't win the Superbowl every year. They get compensated approrpiately! Tom Brady took lower compensation in the form of the Salary Cap and the Patriots paid him through TB12. This is not a clever run around, this is a clear subversion of the rules.

3) He deflated footballs: Was caught red handed. Can all find that video where cheater Belicheck says, "Ask Tom about it." He hid by that stupid hat and gave a stupid smile. He had no answer cause he knew he did it! And, you might be like, what does that matter? The Patriots had a lower fumble rate for many years in a row. They used different equipment then every other team for multiple years. Is that statistically possible? Do they just have players better at not fumbling? NOOOOO. They were using deflated footballs for years!

4) He destroyed his cell phone. The NFL wanted to investigate these allegations of cheating and asked Tom Brady for his cell phone. He not only refused to cooperate, he destroyed his cell phone! The evidence was so damning, he would rather it be destroyed than share it with the NFL!

5) Steroids. Julian Edelman was banned for multiple games given steroids by Alex Guerrero, who, by the way, is Tom Brady's partner in TB12! Do we honestly believe a 46 year old man is winning Superbowls much less making it through a full season in the most violetn sport in the world without use of performance enhancing drugs? He doesn't eat tomatoes? Give me a break.

This is the biggest scandal in the history of sports. The evidence is all here. At some point, there will be a NFL reporter wit an ounce of integrity that will put all the pieces together. But, just at the facts I have stated, Tom Brady should not be viewed as the greatest QB in NFL history, but should be rememberd as the greatest cheater in the history of sports.

We have never seen anything like it. All wins, records and stats should be immediately removed from the record books

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