Program Adjustments for 2023 and Beyond!

For the school to compete against Power 5 schools with massive alumni base and unlimited trunks of money, the University needs to do a few things.

1) Embrace NIL. Currently, the University is in a partnership with Altius to help us navigate the rules. I am attaching a link describing tis: VILLANOVA ATHLETICS PARTNERS WITH ALTIUS IN MULTIYEAR DEAL TO ADVANCE NIL STRATEGY - Villanova University

We must find ways for our athletes to maximize their economic earning power. This will require additional commitments and responsibilities for our athletes beyond simply class and practice. This will ultimately lead into my third point. But, for us to compete for top notch level talent, we must embrace this new rule. I don't think any of us like it, but it is the current reality with which we live.

2) Embrace the Transfer Portal: We are behind here, for good reason. We got five years from Colln and Samuels which lead to a Final Four appearacne last year! I think being behind was worth th success, but as we saw with Brizzi and Antoine, athletes who aren't able to play will exit for the transfer portal. We will have to aggressively counter act that by finding good fits within the portal.

3) Simplify Systems: Jay's defense at its highest level was a beautiful thing to watch and led to two National Championships and 4 Final Four appearances. That stated, it is extremely complex and things don't always click right away for younger players. We have add exceptions, like Saddiq Bey, but players new to the system look completely lost on the floor and playing time is a detrment to the team. All five players must be in perfect sync for this system to work. Embrace zone for large portions of the game. I am not suggesting the Kyle change course mid season, but in future seasons, we should focus on athletes ability to contribute immediately.

Even if we flame out this season, and given our talent level, I"m not convinced we will, there is a bright future for the program. Yes, Kyle needs to get better and he will. But ultimately, talent is what wins games. Our program can compete for talent with players focused on doing things the Villanova way. The Villanova way does not mean complex defensive systems, but rather players willing to give 110% every single possession.

Happy New Years all!

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