Ranking the Big East Coaches

When you look at this list, will show you how dire our situation as a program is. The top 7 are all ridiculously good.

Not sure how we are supposed to compete when we have one of hte worst coaches in the conference. It's absurd. Cut and run now.

Top Tier

1) Rick Pitino. Two national championships and over 700 wins. Pretty easy selection.

2) THad Matta: 453-172 with two final fours to his name.

3) Sean Miller: 449-168. Just missing a FInal Four from his resume.

Second Tier

4) Shaka Smart: 320 161. Final Four appearance. Really got team cranking right now.

5) Dan Hurley: 253-160. Recency bias takes him from 7 to 5. A national championship would jump him further.

6) Greg McDermott: 580-384. Really all he's missing is a Final Four appearance. Team competes every year.

7) Ed Cooley: 334-222. Turned Providence into a decent team year in, year out.

THird Tier

8) Shaheen Holloway: 81-73. One miraculous tourney run.

9) Kim English: 34-29 at George Mason

10) Kyle Neptune: 33-33

11) Tony Stubblefield: 27-51.

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