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Advanced Stats

Where will Villanova be seeded in the BET?

With just two games left on the schedule, here’s the breakdown of what to expect for the Wildcats in the BET.

Quad Goals: Now Comes The Hard Part

The next seven games will make or break Villanova’s Big East Title hopes.

Villanova Four Factors: USC Trojans

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl is something special.

Villanova’s Quad Goals

If it’s all about March, then let’s start focusing on March

Four Factors vs Michigan

That could have gone better...

Four Factors vs Quinnipiac

Baker’s bunch wasn’t much of a match for the quickly improving Wildcats

Blue-Chip Ratio Contenders (Part 2)

Not many surprises here.

The Blue-Chip Ratio (Part 1)

‘Crootin matters.

Shot Charting Villanova

What Jalen Brunson is doing is absurd.

Villanova Sweeps Four Factors vs Gonzaga

Four Factors vs. St. Joseph’s (PA)

41-point margin of victory. That’s a wet dream.

Four Factors vs. Lafayette

Jalen Brunson gets the MVP nod over another sensational Mikal Bridges performance.

Four Factors vs. Columbia

On second look, yes the offense was ugly.

Where is Paschall best suited to play?

Taking a look at his positional fit for Villanova, from individual stats to team-wide effectiveness.

KenPom ranks ‘Nova #1 in 2018

A bit surprising, but encouraging nonetheless.

It’s time to speed up the tempo

Injuries were a big factor in 2017, but Villanova needs to get back to pushing the tempo going forward.

Four Factors: Butler

With Butler on the bubble and looking for a signature win, Villanova's Junior class stepped up in a big way.

Four Factors vs. St. John's

When the shots aren't falling, this Villanova group finds other ways to win.

Four Factors vs. DePaul

A clean sweep of the Four Factors means a big win!

Four Factors: Creighton (Round 2)

Villanova's rebounding is improving right when they need it.

Four Factors vs. St. John's

Villanova was able to overcome a sloppy first half and the lack of a Center to put away the Red Storm.

Taking Stock of Villanova's Season

A deep-ish dive on some of the more interesting stories, trends, and lineups for Villanova basketball so far this year.

Four Factors: Providence

Villanova fell back into some bad habits and it cost them a tough fought OT game.

Four Factors: Seton Hall (Round 2)

In their toughest test yet in Big East Play, Villanova walked away with a solid road win and a season sweep of the Pirates.

Four Factors vs Georgetown

Villanova got some revenge and held onto first place in the Big East with a hard earned win over the Hoyas.

Four Factors vs. Marquette

Look at that FT Rate!

Four Factors: Butler

Villanova's defense and Josh Hart's offense bail the Wildcats out of another poor shooting night.

Four Factors: Seton Hall

It was a tough, grinding game, but Villanova came out the big winners thanks to their big center.

Four Factors: Creighton

Villanova shot an incredible 87.5% from inside the arc and defeated the Blue Jays to close out Big East opening weekend.

Four Factors vs. Xavier

That eFG% is sexy as hell.

Four Factors vs. Delaware

The Cats cruised to an easy victory Tuesday night at the Pavilion.

Four Factors vs Virginia

Despite a great offensive effort, Villanova wasn't able to match Virginia's 56.5% shooting in Saturday's loss.


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