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BIG EAST Basketball Preview: Week 12

The top two Big East teams face off tonight, and Saturday we'll see the bottom two fight for the title of "Biggest Loser"

Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Who else marked this week on their 2014 calendars? A big week for Villanova, with newcomer Creighton coming to the Wells Fargo Center; a game students no doubt have been eyeing since the beginning of the season. The Bluejays will most likely drop out of the rankings, but the intensity of the crowd will be unfazed. What else is happening this week?

Villanova Wildcats

Monday 7:00pm vs. Creighton Bluejays

Fox Sports 1

Where to start with this team? Oh yeah, Doug McDermott. Give him the baseline and he'll kill you. Leave him space beyond the arc and he'll kill you. So, you have to play him close and force him to take fadeaway jumpers. I've found he's close to incapable of doing so. Limit him, you've stopped their flow, and their 18.5 assists/game will not surface.

Saturday 2:00pm @ Marquette Golden Eagles

Fox Sports 1

Marquette lost to Butler. They're so bad. Butler scored 20 points OT yesterday. THEY ARE SO BAD. This team was ranked 17 to start the year. 37% of the Golden Eagles' shots were 3's, and they were inefficient at 16.7% from there. Like the Villanova Method I used to argue, let Marquette shoot the 3 because it doesn't seem to work.

Creighton Bluejays

Monday 7:00pm @ Villanova Wildcats

Fox Sports 1

In the loss to Providence, the team shot 49.1% from the field, which matches their season average. What's more surprising is that they only made 4-19 shots from beyond the arc. They need their 3's to fall to even have a chance against the 'Cats.

Saturday 8:00pm vs. Georgetown Hoyas

Fox Sports 1

Well, if history has anything to add, the Hoyas will not make a FG for at least the final 5 minutes of the game, so just have the lead by then. Even if you are losing, don't worry because they won't add many points. I think Joshua Smith and Jabril Trawick are missed dearly.

Xavier Musketeers

Monday 4:00pm @ DePaul Blue Demons

Fox Sports Network

Let's first make it clear that FSN is FOX. As in Channel 5 or 9 or whichever. As for this game, just give it to Matt Stainbrook. He finished his bookshelf from the Creighton game, so he can devote his 100% attention to this game. Semaj Christon also has heated up lately.

Saturday 12:00pm @ Providence Friars

Fox Sports 1

I don't understand this Providence team. They lose in double OT to Seton Hall, lose by 30 to Villanova, but defeat Creighton by 13 when McDermott goes for 21. Well, they are 306th in the nation in FG%, so if their FT% suffers, they really do not have a chance. Thus, play defense and your offense can suffice.

Providence Friars

Tuesday 9:00pm vs. Butler Bulldogs

Fox Sports 1

Butler is a poor FT shooting and 3-point shooting team. My point last week was to stop Elijah Brown, however he only had 3 points in the OT win vs. Marquette so that's wrong. I apologize to all the Big East coaches who study my piece each week to find any keys, especially to Buzz Williams.

Saturday 12:00pm vs. Xavier Musketeers

Fox Sports 1

Stop Matt Stainbrook. If you email him this link, he might get really mad and play down a few levels!

Georgetown Hoyas

Monday 9:00pm vs. Marquette Golden Eagles

Fox Sports 1

Wow this matchup is really sad. Makes you wish Monday Night Football was still on. They shoot 29.7% from 3 so you can understand what I want G'Town to do. Also, the Hoyas should make some second half field goals. Statistically, team's who convert on 2nd half FG's are more likely to win.

Saturday 8:00pm @ Creighton Bluejays

Fox Sports 1

I'm not sure if you're even capable of winning this. I'm very disappointed in you. Go to your room.

Seton Hall Pirates

Thursday 7:00pm @ St. John's Red Storm

CBS Sports Network

St. John's is definitely one of the worst teams here. Without a conference win thus far, I can't see a finally healthy SHU squad falling to the Johnnies. They lost to DePaul!

Saturday 6:00pm vs. DePaul Blue Demons

CBS Sports Network

Let Fuquan Edwin does his Lebron James-esque pull up 3 to jump to a quick lead. Should be okay from there.

Marquette Golden Eagles

Monday 9:00pm @ Georgetown Hoyas

Fox Sports 1

I once again have to emphasize how poor these teams have shown to be. The Hoyas' are also poor from 3-land at 33.9%. Basically, whoever can hit the most 3's will come out victorious. But how much bragging rights does this really cause for?

Saturday 2:00pm vs. Villanova Wildcats

Fox Sports 1

You cannot stop Daniel Ochefu, you can only hope to contain him!

DePaul Blue Demons

Monday 4:00pm vs. Xavier Musketeers


Before everyone says how tough DePaul is showing to be, let it be known that they shot around 60% in their win against Butler, and they needed double OT. Also, they had 10 more free throw opportunities against St. John's and they only won by 2. I look again at their Big 3 in Cleveland Melvin, Brandon Young and Billy Garrett Jr. Against Villanova, they combined for 34 points on 11-31 shots. Better performance is needed for all in order to have a shot of defeating one of the best teams in the conference.

Saturday 6:00pm @ Seton Hall Pirates

CBS Sports Network

This Pirates team is so much different when Edwin AND Gene Teague are on the floor. They have one of the best 3-point shooters and post players in the conference. If they're all still healthy at this point, I'm not sure if DePaul can find a way on the road.

Butler Bulldogs

Tuesday 9:00pm @ Providence Friars

Fox Sports 1

The Bulldogs got their first conference win with an OT win vs. Marquette. Four of their six Big East games have gone to at least 1 overtime period. The Golden Eagles' 30% accuracy from the field definitely helped with that, and the Bulldogs were outrebounded. More so, they shot 25% worse from the charity stripe. Basically, Butler didn't win, so much as Marquette lost it. I'm not sold yet, but the team as a whole limited their 3-point attempts and were able to play inside, getting their starters in big foul trouble.

Saturday 4:00pm vs. St. John's Red Storm


Here's the battle of the two worst conference win percentages. Loser takes the basement. Butler plays a little better at home than on the road, plus the Red Storm usually have anemic periods where no shots fall. So I guess just do you.

St. John's Red Storm

Thursday 7:00pm vs. Seton Hall Pirates

CBS Sports Network

St. John's is 79th in the country in rebounds per game, compared to Seton Hall's 209th. While this is largely due to Teague's absence, St. John's should take advantage of the lack of rebounds for SHU and get 2nd chance points. It will add up throughout the game.

Saturday 4:00pm @ Butler Bulldogs


BATTLE OF THE LOSERS. Again, like my Marquette point, force the Bulldogs to fire it from deep. They are weakest there; attack the weakness.

Get pumped for Monday Night!