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Big East Power Rankings: Can this conference make waves in the NCAA Tournament?

The VU Hoops staff picks the best and the worst of the Big East.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As the final buzzer sounded on Georgetown's impressive Senior Night victory over Creighton, I got to thinking about the perception of the Big East again. I've ignored it for most of the season, mainly because Villanova is rampaging through conference play minus Creighton, but with the NCAA Tournament upon us, it's time to start thinking about how the conference will do in the national spotlight.

In recent years, the conference has sent a ton of teams to the dance but there have been several early misfires.This year the conference could get anywhere from 3-5 bids. Villanova and Creighton seem like good bets for the Sweet 16, but could the others do any damage? I think so.

It's the final week of the year, so it's now or never to unseat Ryan from the Pick'em Throne. I would normally be looking at you, Kevin, but as you'll see below these guys made the exact same picks, and thus Ryan is our new champion since spring break got the best of our team and Brian and Mike Reilly didn't submit picks. Ugh.

Here are the pick'em standings:

Contestant Wins Tiebreak
rsaccoman2016 28 3
Kevin.Pulsifer 27 4
Brian Ewart 24 4
MikeReilly 24 4
Noah Thacker 22 2
Chris Lane 21 1
jeremy.menninger 19 2
MikeJ. 16 2
Ryan Irwin 11 2
Tyler Ricky Tynes 9 1
Ed Donohue 3 0

This week, we're picking...

  • Creighton @ Georgetown
  • Marquette @ Providence
  • Villanova @ Xavier
  • Butler @ DePaul
  • St. John's @ Marquette

Staff Picks

Contestant Creighton @ Georgetown Marquette @ Providence Villanova @ Xavier Butler @ DePaul St. John's @ Marquette
rsaccoma2016 Creighton Providence Villanova DePaul St. John's
kevin.pulsifer Creighton Providence Villanova DePaul St. John's
Brian Ewart [no pick] [no pick] Villanova Butler Marquette
Chris Lane Georgetown Providence Villanova DePaul Marquette
Noah Thacker [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick]
MikeReilly [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick]
jeremy.menninger [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick]
MikeJ. Georgetown Providence Villanova DePaul Marquette
Tyler Ricky Tynes [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick] [no pick]

And now, on to the rankings (records through 3/5)...

    1. Villanova Wildcats (26-3, 14-2), 4 First Place Votes

    • Can't see the haters, and Creighton keeps losing. - kevin.pulsifer
    • All is right in the world. - Chris Lane
    • It's nice to end the season with us on top. - rsaccoma2016

    2. Creighton Bluejays (23-6, 13-4)

    • It's almost unbelievable how beatable they look when they're not playing us. - kevin.pulsifer
    • So, apparently everybody has figured them out except for Jay Wright. - Chris Lane
    • This will be a fun final week to see who takes the crown. Second place will be cool for you also. - rsaccoma2016

    3. Xavier Musketeers (20-10, 10-7)

    • Hopefully Matt Stainbrook is okay. He will be a big part of their NCAA success. - Chris Lane
    • You lost to Seton Hall. Who lost to DePaul. Yet you didn't really fall. Just one spot is all. - kevin.pulsifer
    • Thank you for your assistance with your defeat of Creighton. A donation will be made in your name. - rsaccoma2016

    4. St. John's Red Storm (19-11, 9-8)

    • The loss to Xavier is the lone blemish on an otherwise blazing month and a half. - kevin.pulsifer
    • Have to think these guys are bubble-out at this point. They really need the road win at Marquette this weekend and a couple of games in MSG. - Chris Lane
    • I want to think you can go to March Madness but then again you lost to DePaul. - rsaccoma2016

    5. Providence Friars (20-10, 10-7)

    • Chance for one last push off the bubble with a trip to Omaha later this week. - kevin.pulsifer
    • Bubble in? Huge Senior Night win over Marquette. - Chris Lane
    • Tyler Harris has had a great late season surge. - rsaccoma2016

    6. Georgetown Hoyas (17-12, 8-9)

    • Road losses at Seton Hall and Marquette almost outweigh the Xavier thrashing last week. They'll likely not make a tournament appearance. - kevin.pulsifer
    • Georgetown suddenly has a lot of to play for on Saturday in Philadelphia. 'Nova will get their A game. - Chris Lane
    • You lost to Seton Hall twice LOL. - rsaccoma2016

    7. Marquette Golden Eagles (17-13, 9-8)

    • You took DePaul to overtime. You took DePAUL to overtime. You took DEPAUL to overtime. They had a chance to WIN in overtime. GO HOME. - kevin.pulsifer
    • Regroup for next year, boys. - Chris Lane
    • With Davante Gardner (6'7, 290) and Chris Otule (6'11, 275) how are you struggling? - rsaccoma2016

    8. Seton Hall Pirates (15-15, 6-11)

    • You almost beat Creighton. Then you beat Xavier. But wait. You lost to DePaul in between those? Ryan must be ashamed. - kevin.pulsifer
    • Jaren Sina is showing why he was an under the radar recruit. - Chris Lane
    • With Fuquan always injured, I'm sorry to say you'll be ending your season fast. - rsaccoma2016

    9. DePaul Blue Demons (11-19, 3-14)

    • Finishing the year out of last place in our power rankings is the biggest upset of the year. Might even make it a successful year for them. - Chris Lane
    • You won? You actually won? Wow. - kevin.pulsifer
    • You beat Seton Hall hence you are my enemy. - rsaccoma2016

    10. Butler Bulldogs (12-16, 2-14)

    • Lost twice, looked pathetic. Really don't want them to spoil anyone else's chances. - kevin.pulsifer
    • /Facepalm. - Chris Lane
    • The most important thing is you had FUN this year and...OK maybe not even that. - rsaccoma2016

    What do you think? Are there any extreme outliers in the VU Hoops rankings?