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UConn to the Big East? Jon Rothstein says Huskies are still exploring it

This thing may have some legs.

NCAA Basketball: Central Florida at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Fanrag/CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein dropped a new Rothstein Files post this morning, and while there’s more than enough Villanova Wildcats to give it a read the real bomb he drops is buried at the bottom of his post.

Rothstein claims the Connecticut Huskies administration is actively looking to bring their flagship hoops program(s) back to the Big East, while parking football someplace else. Here’s the important stuff:

Sources have told FanRag Sports that UConn has consistently looked into joining the Big East as a basketball only member as long as it could find another home for its football program. Other sources have stated that members of the Big East currently like the league’s double round-robin format in basketball where everyone plays each other twice and adding an 11th team could change that. A big thing to remember? The ACC will go to 20 league games during the 2019-20 season and the Big East could opt to do the same if it added the Huskies as an 11th team while keeping the double round-robin format.

This isn’t new by any means, but Rothstein is continuing to beat the drum. And he’s more than credible when it comes to breaking college hoops news in the Northeast.

I haven’t been shy about expressing my desire for this to happen since we now know a 20-game conference schedule could protect the true home-and-home schedule that has been awesome for the conference.

The one lingering question I would have is TV money. Does the conference’s contract with Fox go up if UConn is added? You would assume yes, but if this is watering down TV revenue for the existing members this becomes far less attractive. If everybody is making more money (UConn is a big name in a couple large markets), this becomes a proposition with little downside, for me.

What say you?