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Bill Raftery is back, and he's as glorious as ever

And now, college basketball is back.


Fox Sports 1 is currently airing its Big East Tip-Off Party, which is essentially whiparound coverage to all the events at all ten member schools. We got a quick look at Villanova as Jay Wright was pumping up the crowd prior to the scrimmage in which Villanova students threw streamers onto the court after James Bell opened the affair with a dunk.

As the students and some lucky attendees partied at Hoops Mania, the rest of us set our tuners for Fox Sports 1, where Bill Raftery helped kick off the new Big East. Known for his crazy one-liners and love for college hoops,we got a great look at his impeccable facial expressions and jovial personality. Here's a sample:


We're still not convinced his eyes are open. He later would go on to remark at how much he enjoyed JayVaughn Pinkston's slimmed down body. Seriously, only Raf.

Stay tuned to our Hoops Mania coverage as we keep an eye on what's happening at Villanova - where Nicki Minaj is currently rocking the house with a concert.